Have you tried Benefit Benetint?

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  1. Thoughts on benetint?
    Do you use it as your only cheek color? Do you wear bronzer over it?
    How do you apply it?
    I am tired of not finding that perfect color for my cheeks...I'm wondering if this is what I've been wanting for....
    Thanks in advance....:smile:
  2. i use it as a cheek color and i absolutely love it been using it for years
  3. it's nice, but spendy! gets great reviews in many beauty mags and by Paula Begoun
  4. i keep eyeing this everytime i goto sephora just havent brought myself to spend the money yet :shame:
  5. I used to have this and really liked the colour it gave me, but it's too pricey for me to repurchase. The packaging is a bit of a hassle too; mine wasn't even halfway through and one day the cap came loose and spilled all over my purse.
  6. i love this, i use it every day!
    it was part of a 'best of benefit' gift set that my boyfriend bought me for xmas, otherwise i don't think i'd ever have bought it! but since trying it, i swear by it!
  7. I used one bottle already, very natural and sheer.

  8. Eskimo Gem ~ Do you use it for your lips or your cheeks?

    For lips, does Benetint dry them out?

    For cheeks, I don't understand how to apply it. Does it blend in and feather well? Or do you just have a big circle of pink stain on your cheek bone? I think I need to go to Sephora and have an SA apply some to my cheeks, I guess.
  9. My thoughts exactly...I cannot comprehend the idea of 3 dots on your cheek and rub...I keep seeing a vision in my head that I'll look like a clown!!:lol:
    It sells like crazy on ebay...can't even get one for a good price...so I want some opinions before I invest the money on yet ANOTHER beauty product that may go unused!!:Push:
  10. OMG!!!! Sorry that happened to you. :crybaby:
  11. I love this stuff. I use it on my lips over lip balm.
  12. I don't really like this stuff. When I put it on my cheeks and rub it out, it doesn't look like there's anything on my cheeks at all. I've never put it on my lips though, that might look nice.
  13. I use it daily on my cheeks and lips. It has been apart of my routine for over six years.

    I love it; but, be careful if you go to the Benefit counter as they are notorious for "bundling" products. Nothing frustrates me more than that! I do not need eye primer to make my benetint "pop." Just my experience at the counter. Now, I always go to Sephora - no hassle!
  14. Same here.
  15. Over lip balm? Then does the Benefit actually stain your lips and stay on all day even with the balm underneath?