Have you tied a scarf to your chanel?

  1. If so which one? I like the look of one on an LV bag and was just wondering if anyone has "dressed up" their Chanel.
  2. The thought never occurred to me... it would probably look cute on some of the bags, thought!
  3. I really like the look. Somestime, I find it adds more individuality, when needed.
  4. Somtimes I tie an Hermes Twilly to my bag. Other times I put a pink gucci baseball charm with a matching little handbag on it. Right now, I have the baseball charm.
  5. Sometimes, I tie my Alexander McQueen scarf on my cerf tote, which gives it a really edgy look.
  6. That's exactly what I do! I think the Hermes Twilly looks the most fab on the kelly!!
  7. ^^ oh i would love to see a picture of that!!
  8. Yes, I tied the Paris New York scarf to my red diamond stich tote - looks awesome!!!!