Have You Thought About Your New Years Resolutions Yet ?

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  1. My New Years resolution is pretty much the same every year , which is to stay healthy. :heart:

    What's yours ?
  2. I can never keep my resolutions, so I always make silly ones that I CAN keep. Previous years it's been: wear more nailpolish, wear hats, be more mysterious. (The mysterious one worked really well!)
  3. I always resolve to be more healthy as well. This year I'm also going to work on budgeting more, since I need to save for a wedding and house!
  4. Go to the gym for at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY!!
  5. To make NO resolutions. That's pretty much the ONLY way not to get bummed out if you break 'em! ;)
  6. to stop biting my nails!
  7. 1) stop drinking (but i started this one early)

    2) lose 15-20 pounds. (this is my resolution every year. and every year i acomplish it by may....and it's on again come october. boo.)

    3) stop biting my nails!

  8. OMG Couture_Girl...if you find a way to do this, PLEASE let me know!! I've been biting my nails for YEARS and nothing has helped me to stop!! Ugh!!
  9. 1) be a better person
    2) learn to drive
    3) loose weight :biggrin:
  10. Buy atleast one thing from Hermes every month....
  11. I generally don't stick to my New Year's resolutions. I did stick w/ last years and gave up coffee for decaf green tea instead. Still hate the stuff but I have been good.
  12. Definantely have to agree with you on staying healthy, also becoming more "out there" with my personality especially around boys, since its about time for me to get a boyfriend!! LOL. I want to be able to take care of my younger brothers, be a good sister to them! Do well in school etc! And shed some pounds haha
  13. last year I told myself that I would read more (a book a month) and learn a new software- I took a class and learned the software; and I read 8 books- some of you might not think of it as an accomplishment, but I was pretty proud of myself!
  14. I never can keep one too hehe..its always been that 'lose some pounds'. But this year, I will make the realistic one. I'm getting married in March, so I just want to be a good wife and be happy (been stressing out for the past 2 yrs)!!
  15. Smoke more
    Drink more
    Get fat
    Bounce checks all over town and max out credit cards
    Insult my coworkers on a regular basis
    Insult my boss on a regular basis
    Get fired, if possible
    Refuse my DH his "marital rights" regularily except if drunk (see resolution no. 2)
    Withdraw completely from society
    Take as much as I can from others