Have you started your Christmas wishlist ?

  1. I have already !!!
    I write down stuff I would like whenever I surf on the net or go shopping.....so far it includes perfume, cosmetics or Sephora vouchers, LV accessories, hairdryer. To me it´s like a mini version of a wedding list....many price points, multiple choices :wlae:

    What about you ?
  2. Oh yes!! My mom has already requested it!!! I used to make mine right after my b-day (which is in MARCH!!!!)

    I've got different bags, clothes, shoes, and some other little things on the list

    I always feel sort of guilty after I make it though...oh well!!! :biggrin:
  3. I don't make a list but there are certain things that I want that I hint heavily to people like the Marc Jacobs croc watch.
  4. I reaaallllly want a Breitling watch, LV Saleya GM, LV black Epi Alma, and Damier Papillon 30 :smile:
  5. I am going to soon, i feel it is too early but i think my mom should get most of the Coach stuff i want before black Friday.
  6. :nuts: YES! I even ordered the item myself and my husband will wrap it up and "surprise" me with it! Yes, it's a new bag!!!
  7. Yep! Microsoft Excel rocks! For some reason I'm going through a cardigan fetish so my list is full of 'em.
  8. I don't know what Santa's budget is this year. But I'd really like a bottle of Vera Wang's Princess.
  9. Oooh Cailtlin I love that perfume too!! It smells good and the bottle is soo cute!!
  10. 1. LV Lockit Horizontal
  11. my husband and i each have a constantly updated gift list. between birthdays, christmas, anniversaries, and "just because" it's a handy thing to have. i have been updating mine more frequently though b/c i know it's about to get distributed to his family sometime in the next week or so.

    i already got my big gift this year (new engagement ring), so although the stuff i want but have no chance in heck of getting (diamond studs, an epi alma, this tdf bezel set diamond pendant at costco) is still on there, i've been bulking the list up with smaller things. dvds, socks, pretty underwear, ooh. and a new coffee pot! (the solo aroma one Starbucks.com it's sooooo pretty)
  12. Yep and I've bought/ordered it already. One of those new pink iPod nano's and a pendant from Tiffanys.
  13. Nope. I never did wishlists. If I'm really bugged for one, I tell them gift cards cause then I'll be able to use the $ wisely on after Xmas sales. I don't like wishlists cause yes, you want to get what you want but someone giving you something is a gift in itself....it doesn't and shouldn't have to be something you want.
  14. I agree on that last part, BUT since my family is totally hopeless when it comes to gifts they 'll just complain over and over again before X Mas on how they don't know what to get me, what are my tastes, blablabla....(even if I am happy w. anything) and hand me some money or a check on X Mas day ! -yep it's not a risk taking family !-
    Great when I was a broke student, but now I feel I should have a lil' something and give them the pleasure to go buy a present, so that list is a great realief to them. It combines all of it = not taking any risk + still a surprise effect + go buy and wrap something
  15. For X-man LV Mono Speedy & Groom Cles(I might be getting it really early so I'm going to try & convince bf it's a Thanksgiving gift LOL..:sneaky:.& for bday LV Damiar Azur Speedy. By bday I might have changed my mind by then.