Have you sold a Chanel bag on ebay?

  1. I was just interested to know if any of my PF sisters were brave enough to part with a bag, what is was and did you experience seller remorse?

    I already have separation anxiety from not seeing mine for months on end and then get scared I will damage them on outings!
  2. I haven't sold a Chanel bag on eBay... but I have sold lots of other bags, with no regrets! I tend to hang onto my Chanel bags, even the ones I never use.
  3. I have sold many Chanel (and other designer bags) on eBay. So far no regrets on the Chanel stuff - but the stuff I have sold were for resale purposes and not from my personal collection. I have sold LV bags that I regretted selling and guess what? I eventually bought them back.:p
  4. I have sold high end stuff on eBay with no regrets. Usually things work out fine if you are up front about the condition of the item (lots of communications and pix). Haven't really had any remorse over the sales...if I don't use something I would rather let it go and move on to something else!
  5. No regrets here either. I've sold at least 10 Chanel bags and 5 or 6 LV's.
  6. no regrets either. i usually go through phases with designers and now i'm in love with chanel. so i sold off all my chloes and balenciagas :smile: i don't think i'll ever outgrow my chanel phase so i'm trying to choose my bags wisely so i don't ever need to part with them.
  7. I've only sold one Chanel on Ebay. It was a bucket style bag from the 80s. Found it in a consignment shop. I used it daily for years, had it refurbished by Chanel and then sold it. Why? I was sick on digging around in the bottom trying to find the small things like keys. Don't miss it and haven't bought a large unconstructed bag since. Don't think I could ever part with any of the classic flaps, e/w, reissue, or the "hot dog".
  8. I sole my reporter bag because i didn't carry it anymore and unfortunately i am not rich enough to buy bags and keep watching at them in the dressing room. I wish i would
  9. I haven't needed to get rid of a Chanel yet, but I tend to NOT keep what I don't need :biggrin:
  10. I have sold many! My collection is everchanging and evolving. i have a very short bag attention span.
    As far as regrets, yes I have... so I know I have to be more careful about what I sell.
  11. Yup! And no, no regret! I think about it for awhile and I usually can tell if I am going to miss it, even if I don't use it! Some I keep just because they are so pretty & I get enjoyment out of looking at them. But YES! I sell what I don't want, use or shouldn't have bought in the first place! No regret!
  12. yupp i sold a couple of chanel bags on ebay to fund my insatiable appetite for new ones! :nuts: i regret maybe 30% of the time.. but all ends well when i get my new purchase :yes:
  13. Yes, A few! And I just keep my eyes close whenever I go to the post office to send them out! :sad:
  14. I ever sold once and my auction didn't completely finish coz ebay removed my list and said my bag was a fake!


    I bought it from Harrods so that means Harrods sold me a fake bag (lol)

    after that I never think to sell on ebay again.