Have you seen??

  1. Okay, this may sound dumb but it's been driving me crazy!!

    A commercial on television that has the most gorgeous turquoise bag on it.....I can never remember who the commercial is for (it's not a purse mfg, or even a store), and I don't know that I've even seen the entire commercial...all I recall is a woman walking (they only show her from the waist down)..she walks by and scoops up this gorgeous purse. I've only seen the ad a couple of times and keep watching for it, but haven't seen it again.

    My first thought was it might be a Hermes...it looked similar. Anyone else seen this commercial and know what the bag is??
  2. You're thinking of the dog food commercial.
    There is a little Papillion in the purse.

    It's for Cesar's.

    Is this it?

  3. OMG. I want the DOG!!!
  4. YES!!! That's the one! Now, who makes the purse???
  5. Not sure but i dont think its an hermes?
  6. Gorgeous bag and even cuter dog...but sorry, I have no idea who makes it.
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. The Dog? LOL.
  9. Well, I can tell you the dog is a Pappillon, named because it's ears look like butterflies.

    But I want to know who designed the bag! I've got to have that bag. I love it!