Have you seen your bag cheat on you?

  1. So I have the BH and saw someone carrying it in Cheesecake Factory yesterday. It kinda made me a little annoyed. Not sure why. I guess I don't like seeing my bag out and about with someone else! Kinda like it was cheating on me!!! How do you all feel with your bags? I know the speedy is out there like crazy but what about the others?
  2. LOL I don't look at it like cheating - I like seeing the same bags I have out because I consider them siblings. I love seeing people carrying authentic bags.
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  4. Totally, totally, totally agree!!! I'm going to purchase a new one soon and love the shape and feel of the BH, but the fact that tons of people have it is holding me back. I'm deciding on the hamstead MM instead!
  5. I have a Damier Illovo [the larger one] and I have seen that bag carried by someone else only once! But they didn't do as I did.... add a long strap to it to be able to wear it across my body. I didn't mind seeing someone else carrying the same purse, I thought I was the only one with this purse! LOL
  6. i don't think of it as cheating. LV makes hundreds of these bags, there's bound to be at least 5 people with the same bag as me. so i try not to think about it too much.
  7. I think of it as someone having good taste like me.
  8. haha i like how u call it cheating......never thought of it that way but interesting way to think of it
  9. If you decide to buy a BH you kind of had it coming. :pGet a limited edition next time. ;)
  10. haha cheating, that's a nice way of putting it.

    actually it feels kinda nice. maybe next time you should try to introduce your bag to that of the other person so they could get acquainted :p
  11. im fine seeing others carrying the same bags i have, but i think ill be a little annoyed if i see someone carrying an LE bag the same as mine, thou i havent seen anyone carrying the same LE bag as mine. my point here is the LE bag made me feel really special. there is this intimate relationship between me and my LE bag maybe i feel less special when i see someone carrying the same LE bag
  12. LOL

    I've seen my Damier canvas cheat on me, not the bag itself.

    I took my Damier Papillon for a walk and saw a woman with another Damier bag (in a different style, thank God, or it would have been embarassing).
  13. *grin* If you guys feel this way, then you shouldn't buy LV at all! It is the most sellable designer bag brand, especially the Monogram. :lol: I even see people carrying it in the supermarkets, it is really common. There is nothing exclusive about monogram, really.

    Anyway, I feel thrilled when I see someone carry LV as well, why do you want to feel annoyed at that? It's like, a fellowship or something.
  14. ITA.
  15. it's one of the most popular and most affordable mono bags so you're bound to see lots of it :flowers::smile: