Have you seen this

  1. I love this tracksuit can anyone tell me the designer?
    My guess was Juicy, but I can not find it on the web.
    tracksuit.jpg tracksuit2.jpg
  2. Her is another photo not sure if the same designer or not.
  3. oh i really like that too!!! Velur track suits are bACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I like it better with the slightly looser top. :yes:

    Velour's never very flattering, but I can't help loving comfy fashion! :biggrin:

    Whether I'd venture outside in it, is another story! :lol:
  5. Should you only wear velour in certain months??
    If I can find this set I will buy it.
    I have no tracksuit, I need more casual clothes.
    I will take any info on fashinonable tracksuit
  6. ^ I'm no expert on velour, or tracksuits(!), but I'd say that you could wear it, equally well, all year round.

    Velour does add bulk, though, so unless you're very underweight, I'd definitely go for a dark coloured velour (black, dark navy, or burgundy) and also, wear it slightly looser (but not too loose) on the top half of your body (as that should look slightly more flattering if you're bigger at the top and balance out your bottom half, if you're smaller at the top).

    Currently, when I'm dressing casually (as often as possible! ;) ) I tend to wear long tops, or knits, with leggings and boots. :yes:

    Sportswear always seems to lag behind fashion. :sad:

    I'm still having to wear bootcut track pants for walking my dogs. Even though I wouldn't wear bootcut jeans anymore (no offence to anyone who does! :flowers: ).

    Just had a Google and I think there's a bit of a gap in the market, at the moment, for truly fashionable looking sportswear. :shrugs:
  7. I love that suit!! I live in velour running suits in the winter -- must have that.
  8. IMO,velour is for fall/winter.
  9. Thanks, if any of you ever see this top let me know.
  10. The one vanissa is wearing is juicy, but the one Kim porter is wearing my guess would be twisted heart.