Have you seen this Spotlight?

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag at the outlet or any store? Coach is out of stock of this color and I feel like I have to have it!!:P Style 13842, Metallic Spotlight in Raspberry.

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  2. ^I'll try to get details of this for you. I got the transfer list and I know Lebanon is expecting more Spotlights but I was in a hurry and didn't get to ask specific color details. I'll PM you the rest of the transfer list! :tup:
  3. Thanks J!!:P
  4. I seen it at Macys.....30% off plus 20% if you have a macys coupon
  5. jeh3v, what do you mean you got the transfer list?
  6. My outlet had 2 today.
  7. ^^My SA got the shipment list of stuff my/Lady's outlet is getting in and gave me details on which bags were en route there.
  8. Wow! It sounds like you have a great relationship with your SA! :smile:
  9. Just saw that bag (in that color) at the Leesburg VA outlet tonight- Just got them in they said.... Sorry, didn't look at the prices though (they were 30% off ~plus the addtl. %20 off coupon).
  10. I saw it todays at Macys
  11. I do, she is the best! :tup: