Have you seen this scarf before?

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  1. I just happened to come across this beautiful Louis Vuitton blue scarf on Eluxury.com. I was thinking of getting one to tie onto my bag instead of wearing it as an actual scarf! Does anyone have this one?
  2. I do not have this scarf but i have seen it, It would work for tieing around the handel of your bag.
  3. I don't have that one but I have the perforated bandeau. You can tie it around your bag, wrist, use it for a headband, scarf, etc. Very versatile. :biggrin:
  4. I have the beige one, I LOVE IT!!!!
  5. i've got a friend who's got the red one and wears it around her waist. she's so chic!
  6. I have it in red and love it - here it is on my red speedy!
  7. OOh, I really love that scarf!!
  8. I've been looking for that particular scarf. It's so cute!! Can you give me the elux. link? I can't find it.
  9. thu_nuts- For some reasons it's on Eluxury's website but you have to type in "bandeau" in the search box. Here's the link:


    Loriw- I absolutely LOVE that scarf on your beautiful Epi bag!! Now I really, really want one. I should have bought it yesterday when I stopped by the store but decided not to. Now I have to decide if I want the blue one or the red one to go with all of my bags!
  10. I personally love the red - its so vibrant and looks great on all the bags!!
  11. Your bag looks fabulous! I love that bandeau in red.

    I guess the blue one on Elux is gone. :cry:
  12. That looks so great together! :amazed: Beautiful combo!
  13. Lori, your picture makes me want to get an Epi Speedy even more than I already do. :yes: :biggrin:
  14. I don't have the scarf but I want one!

    Lori - the red looks sooooo classy on your beautiful epi piece.
  15. That looks very pretty!
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