Have you seen this new keychain?

  1. Hi everyone!

    My SA just called me yesterday and told me they got in a shipment of new keychains (SF LV). She said they're really cute and they've got charms on them, SUNGLASSES and a CAMCORDER!:yes: I was surprised that I had no idea what she was talking about so I'm gonna go check it out this weekend when I pick up a new item I ordered.

    So I asked Karen Kooper about it and she said that she has already seen these new keychains, and they are actually scheduled to come out in December. She told me that they're beige and gold and would be cute for men as well. She will send me some pics to share when she gets a hold of them:smile: So if you ladies have seen these...please post pics or ask your SA about them next time you visit your nearest LV!!! I can't wait!!:wlae: :wlae:
  2. i wonder what a camcorder has to do with LV... sounds cute though!
  3. yes i have the camera/glasses one is fab here is a pic

  4. WOW...those are verry verry nice! Are they keychains or charms?
  5. they are keychains
  6. there was one on ebay but I think it sold about a week ago....it's very cute
  7. they are charms for the bracelet arent they
  8. Oh yes ! I've seen this, someone was selling this and a pastilles on eBay, they're kind of cute, I like to call it the "paparazzi" keychain ! :yes:
  9. How big is it? The auction on eBay made it look huge! :yucky:
  10. awww, those are actually really cute :smile:
  11. that is super cute...thank you for sharing the pics!! I guess I'll go take a look at it IRL this weekend!
  12. Makes me think of Pharell for some reason.....the shades maybe?
  13. OMG I WANT IT!! i think it so cute for some reason...i like these all gold jewelry like keychains...what is the retail going to be??
  14. how much is it???