Have you seen this new bag yet?!!!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. The first bag is called the Legacy Boutique Ellie Satchel and this one is called the Legacy Maddy Halter!!
  3. The maddy halter is hot. I haven't seen the Ellie satchel yet, do you know the specs on it??? Looks like it would be one of the more expensive bags.
  4. The Ellie is 15x10x6 and is listed at $698 and the Maddy is 12x20x3 and is listed at $498.
  5. I love the maddie halter. It is so sleek. What other colors does it come in?
  6. not bad for the satchel, are there any more colors. There might be conflict between that and the Leigh now. I can never make up my mind lol :wacko:
  7. no i haven't yet