Have you seen this flap style before?

  1. hey all, sorry to bump up but i didn't get any response before. this is basically a medium size flap but the main compartment has a zippered top and a large outside pocket. i was wondering if anyone owned this style and if they liked it?
  2. I've never seen it either......I'll bump it again for ya!!!
  3. I don't think it's worth $2000 like that seller is asking on eBay. I saw a bag similar to that one a couple days. It was a flap, but not a classic flap.
  4. oh and the one I saw might have been around $1595??
  5. actually i saw the receipt for it from Saks and spoke to the seller, the retail is 1895.
  6. The one I saw might not have been the same, but it was very similar. I didn't look very closely, but I'm pretty sure the one I saw was only $1595.