Have you seen this chanel bag?

  1. I am sorry I don't have pic...but I went to Chanel store at holts today, my SA showed me one, which is from their cruiser 2008, it is red class flap with pink trim and straps. Any of you have seen this? I was told they will start to sell this bag after 15th..how you guys think about this bag? It is $2800CA...also wondering price in states as well.:yes:
  2. YES...this is the one I am talking about....well seems too pricy is it? huh...I will think about it then. Thank you Steffibp!!:tup:
  3. It's sOOOOOOOO freaking cute. Seriously. But I can't even fathom spending that much money for something that I might get sick of. If only I had a money tree!!!