Have you seen this chain/extender before?

  1. I was just surfing eBay and came acrosss this:


    It looks similar to the Porte Cles Chaine Dore on this lookbook page:


    Has anyone seen either? The second one has a nicer price. I wonder what the retail on the first one is since it looks like a great match for the strap on my damier sophie. I can put sophie over my shoulder, but this little extender chain would make it more comfortable.

  2. I've never seen it in person..maybe it is the one on the lookbook page. It seems similar to the chain for the Pochette Accordeon that people have been getting from the 866 number (except I think that one has the same clip on both ends).
  3. I haven't seen one in person either. What would you use it for?
  4. it looks like the chain for the accordenon wallet.. except the clip is different and it is shorter.. i would like to know where it is from too
  5. This chain is EXACTLY like the chain strap for the Sophie. Maybe it is an extender for the Sophie. :shrugs:

    If so, I definitely need one of these.

    I recently bought the accordeon chain for my Sophie (to make the gold chain strap longer) and they were not an exact match at all.
  6. This price in the lookbook is wayyyyy too expensive for this item, whereas it functions like the accordeon chain replacement for around $25-50....
  7. I have a sophie too and I'm looking for an extender. When I saw this on eBay it looks like a better match than the accordeon chain. I hope someone will chime in with more details as I'm not close to a boutique. Maybe I'll try emailing the picture into LV or eluxury?

  8. Yeah, the chain in the picture above looks like it would be a MUCH BETTER match to the Sophie Chain Strap than the Accordeon Chain. :okay:

    Here is a picture of my Sophie Chain Strap against the Accordeon Chain (that I use to make the strap longer on my Sophie).


    As you can see they are not an exact match at all. :sad:

    If you get more information about that Chain Extender on eBay, please let me know!
  9. I will. I sent in an email to Louis Vuitton. Tried an online chat with eluxury and they didn't know anything. The ebayer is asking an insane amount...over $350. I'm hoping we can locate it and buy directly from LV.