have you seen this bag???

  1. :wtf: :nuts: :love: ...nuff said
  2. yes. and it's 1000 times hotter than the Fringes. actually the Fringe bags aren't hot at all. *getting ready for the firing squad*
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Wow
  5. Yes I saw it, it's a fabulpus bag.

    I think it does match this outfit

  6. :crybaby:i love my fringe speedy
  7. I love my fringe bucket!!! It's OK, more fringe items for us, the fringe lovers!!!:graucho:
  8. please don't stop loving it just because i think it's tacky. but what do i know? im just a guy.
  9. Wow. I'm not wild about the cabochons, but the embroidery is fabulous.
  10. I think it's gorgeous :love:
  11. i think it's pretty...it was acually featured in the april issue of ELLE magazine!
  12. I saw that bag in Frankfurt shop. Pretty!
  13. Wow!!!
  14. :love: Now that is a gorgeous purse!!!
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