Have you seen this Bag?

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  1. Hi PF-ers,

    (I'm a bit of a posting newbie so I posted this in the wrong thread yesterday... SORRY)

    Have you seen this bag in stores anywhere in the US? Just wondering because I've got it on hold but I'm headed to the US for work soon so if I can get it there, I'll forget about getting it here.

    Thanks much!! XOXOXO :heart:

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  2. That's the day glo. I think its start coming in NM, you can try to call them. The price in US is $2,995. Good Luck!
  3. OHHHHHHHHH Thank you sooo much!!
  4. Which NM do you think I should try? Sorry, not very familiar with which NMs carry Chanel and if there are any stores or SAs you could recommend, that would be great thanks :smile:!!

  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I got these pic shipped from my SA at saks today...they are all patent leather maurice is his name he is very dilligent and helpful.. i can recommend him 734 968 2594 tell him judith recommened him...
  6. That bag is out with Nordies too and others from this same line..if u need a SA I can refer one to you.
  7. Ohh, I love that bag.
  8. Thanks GIRLS!!! :smile: XOXO
  9. Does anyone have the style number for this bag? thanks!