have you seen this at the outlets?

  1. the last time i went to an outlet was a few months ago but i specifically remember everything i saw (i spent like an hour in there) and this was not one of the items they were carrying at the time. goodluck in your search! :yes:
  2. I've seen these at TjMaxx
  3. I have seen it at Marshalls...
  4. i saw it at loehmanns
  5. Didn't see at the outlet and I was there yesterday, but I did see it at TJ Maxx for $129.
  6. I've seen them a both of the Marshalls near me,
    they each had at least 2 of them.
  7. I saw that at TJ Maxx last week!
    I think it was $150.
  8. I saw this at Marshalls! I believe it was $150.00