Have you seen this advertisement?

  1. Bazaar September 2006

    I must say...my jaw dropped on this one and I am living in like 90-95% humidity now. I love it!
  2. Ohhh, that is perfect for Michigan! Time for a visit this winter KB!!!
  3. love it :love:
  4. :yes: And I want the horse that's on the other page!!! :lol:
  5. OMG! It's........STUNNING! I could SO wear that if I lived in NYC! Hermesgroupie????? This is YOU!!!!!!!!
  6. If I still lived in Chicago, this could come in handy:nuts:
  7. Yeah, Kou....you might be a little warm in it in Southern Cal! Me too up here in the East Bay.......not that I wouldn't TRY, though!!!!!!

    ...it's sooooo CHIC!
  8. It is chic!! :love:
    Would love it so much, but nowhere to wear it.:crybaby:
  9. I have seen this ad. I love it. It is going into my lookbook when I am through with the magazine.
  10. What do you think, guys? Think I might stand out a bit wearing a fur poncho here in.....BERKELEY??????

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  11. ^^^lol!!!!
  12. What is it made of? Is it fur? Mink? I can't tell...
  13. It is mink. Apparently takes 26 pelts to make just one. I tried it on today and it fits beautifully.
  14. Gosh! It's gorgeous and it's nice that you think of me in this manner, but I can't wear fur without scratching my skin off!!!!!!
  15. It's stunning KB. Will you be moving to Alaska soon? :angel:
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