Have you seen these dior earrings?

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  1. I was at a consignment store today and saw these earrings (My phone broke so I couldn't take a pic:cursing:)

    But I thouht perhaps I could describe them and then if anyone has them they could post pics for me to see if that's what I mean????

    They were small and dangly (probably half an inch in length - but I am terrible with spacial relations) - with those fish hook backs.
    I can't remember what was on the ear part but then the dangle was a cresent shape (a sideways moon or a sail boat shape)
    This part said Dior on it and was attached to the upper part by the corner of the cresent.
    They were silver and had little rhinestone on them (4 on each earring I think)

    Does that make ANY sense?
    Thanks !!!
  2. can you sketch it and post your sketch?
  3. OK - I didn't want to do this because I don't want my sketch to throw anyone off because of it's terribleness. But here goes - like I said I can't totally remember what they looked like I just remember the half moon part.
  4. Nice sketch, I love it. Sorry, I don't know this design. It's not what I thought... Hopefully another PFer will be able to ID this fer ya. ;)
  5. LOl - thanks -I'm quite proud of my computer drawing ability (almost as bad as my real drawing ability).
  6. Also - I looked all over them and nowhere did it say 'dior' on the back or anything. Do they sometimes make them without additionals markings? (these may be 'vinatge' too.)
  7. I don't own any vintage pieces. All of my stuff has "dior" on the back.
  8. Thanks for your responses Foxy =)