Have you seen these before?

  1. I know this does not strictly belong in this thread but has any one seen this Manalo Blahnik special addition shoe horn? It's a good compliment to any shoe collection no matter who the designer is.

    It functions very well but we also display it in the house as a piece of sculpture. It was available in the UK for a short period and is now a bit of a collectors item.
    Manalo Blahnik Shoe Horn.jpg
  2. I've never seen this before. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very interesting and sculptural.
  4. Nope, I have never seen this. It is crazy looking!
  5. thats cool
  6. No, but it's cool!
  7. These were sold by a company called Habitat, so I assume they are not present in the USA? Here is some more information on them, if you are curious. I think the only place to get them now is from eBay, although they do go for the equivalent of around $70.

    "Limited Edition Shoe Horn - a polished cast aluminium shoehorn, designed by one of the world's leading shoe designers reflecting the glamour, elegance and quality of his famous shoes."

    Very Important Product Collection by Habitat.
    Length: 30cm, width: 5cm, height: 20cm

  8. Yes, I have seen that before. I didn't know it was manufactured by a company separate from MB itself; but when I read about it before, it was supposed to be the inspirational shape that all the shoes were created from (i.e., the "idea" foot shape). Then again, it could have been that the company just formed something to fit MB shoes and then called it the 'inspirational shape.'
  9. As I understand it, the shoe horn was designed by MB under commission for the Habitat store.

    There were other items commissioned from various designers and they were all sold as the Habitat (Limited Edition) Very Important Product Collection.
  10. Never seen it, but thanks for the info.
  11. This is my understanding as well!
    I've been trying to get my hands on one but it's been a very difficult task!
  12. Excellent!
    I'll be sure to check out these sellers!