Have you seen these at outlets?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. No, but if I did I would snatch that LOVELY up in a :heart:beat!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
  3. Nope, just eBay.
  4. just eBay, usually for around $99. they were at the outlets in spring 06, from fall 05
  5. those sold for $70 at Lord and Taylor and Macys about 6 months ago
  6. just realized I'm a year off, they're from summer 06 when the ombre line was out, in the outlets fall 06

    sorry! :shame:

    you can see some of the stuff in this catalog
  7. That is awesome that they have their old catalog online! Do they have all their old catalogs online?
  8. no, there are like 3 or 4 that are still around. I posted a thread about 3 weeks ago. if you search threads started by me and old catalogs it should be there somewhere
  9. Nope. If i did, i'd be one lucky girl lols