Have You Seen The Zagliani Bags?

  1. Does anyone else think the Zagliani bags look totally amazing- crocodile/snake skin bags- injected with silicon, to soften up the skins. Matches.com has a gold overnight snake skin zagliani bag which is the most amazing thing I've ever seen (well, this month anyway). It sounds a bit daft- silicon injected bags, but they look awesome!!!
  2. could you post a link? i would like to see. :smile:
  3. Better yet, post a picture:yes:
  4. Here is a sample of one that I pulled up.
  5. just thought i will bump this up because i have been looking at the bag online and really liking it... wonder if anyone knows more about it... i wonder if the leather would be more durable coz i had a prada one with snake skin trimmings and it kinda peeled off after a couple of years....
  6. i saw Z bags @ Corbo here in Toronto couple of weeks ago and fell in love .... and thought to myself " how will i remember this name to check up on TPF" and so thought up zabaglione...it worked! :smile:
  7. I am at the moment thinking of buying one- silver python. It would be my birthday present from my husband- and my birthday isn't for 3 months. But if I buy it now (maybe even tonight!) it can stay in the box til August and I know it won't sell out. I'm getting the new bag purchase adrenalin rush!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Loving the new croc ones and the price is right...I have been wanting fuschia croc Hermes but this is more attainable and I like the design.
    Feature_34.gif Feature_23.gif
  10. Feature_25.gif Feature_01.gif Feature_47.gif
  11. not sure what is going on with the pics :confused1:
    zag-t-03pythonmedpuf_pnk_1.jpg zag-t-20croccoclutch_prp_1.jpg
  12. Do they come with breast implants too????!!!! J/K!!!!!!

    I'll say this...they're "different"
  13. I love Zagliani bags. They also sell them at Intermix.
  14. I don't think those are croc. I think it is a typo. Those look like python.