Have you seen the white patent Queen in IRL???love it?

  1. Just saw it today ........ I think I love it but that just wasn't enough to walk out of the door with it. so I thought I would lay my thoughts with tpf and see what eveyone has to say about it (its the white patent guccisima one not the plain one)

    What do you think? My other half thinks its too "loud".......I think the bag is sexy as heck .......
    Do you think patent is long over or is coming to the end of its fad?

    Thanks everyone!!
  2. No one?
  3. Also can anyone do me a favor and ask their SA to see if this bag is limited?

    Thank you so much!
  4. This is part of the 2008 cruise line. I don't think it is extremely "limited" it should be around for quite sometime. Gucci tends to change up their styles often though. Did you like the "queen" hobo or the boston style? i think the line is cute. It's very different and stylish and would look cute on other people but not for me. If you like, you should get it. Don't let fads control you. Happy shopping!!
  5. I think its a the boston one.....I just get very "turned off" if I know its produced in mass amounts......thats why I was curious if it was just a bit more harder to come by...
  6. Going to give shot another bump