Have you seen the Rose Legacy Shoulder Bag?

  1. Has anyone seen the rose legacy shoulder bag? in an outlet, maybe? There are none on eBay and I have been looking for quite some time...do you know if outlets offer shipping?? A few weeks ago there was on eBay for $440. I didn't get it because I thought it was too expensive and another would come up!! None have... and now I am kicking myself! :hysteric: Thanks!
  2. I'd save a search on eBay for the item number and for the color. It pops up every once in a while. I've only heard of the flap in rose in the outlet in Hawaii. I wish they would have made more of the legacy bags in this color. Silly not to when there's enough demand. Good luck on your search and sorry I couldn't really help you!
  3. What does the rose Legacy shoulder bag look like? If you show me a photo, I'll keep my eyes peeled at the Waikele outlet.

    I love, love, love the rose color!!
  4. i saw a rose legacy satchel on ebay this past week - it was beautiful - i didnt even know it came in that color... so i thought it was a fraud
  5. hey maya!

    does your outlet do charge sends?
  6. I just gave the outlet a call and they said no.
  7. darnit :sad: nobody does!
  8. thanks so much for calling...very sweet of you
  9. No problem. Can you post a photo of what the shoulder bag looks like? That way, whenever I go I'll look for it.
  10. Oh okay!! I'm wanting that bag in pond!! I know there's one on e-bay, but I'm hoping for a cheaper one... Hehe.

  11. Ack!! It sold... *sniff sniff* It's not like I was gonna buy it at that price, but now I'm just sad that someone else actually has it. Haha. My bf tried to make me feel better by saying it wouldn't match a lot of stuff anyway. I'd MAKE it match. Haha.