Have you seen the Printed Python

  1. in person???? I think I need a Camilla but it isn't at my store :sad: I don't want to order it if the print looks funky.....Help please.
  2. TACO!!!!:nuts: Dang girl!! How the heck are ya? I'm not exactly sure which bag it is your talking about. Is it the Carryall w/ python?
  3. Hiya!!!! How the heck are you miss MOD [how cool is that!]

    Dipping my toes back in the TPF waters again.......
    been avoiding the LV forum for a while, it got nasty in there :wtf:

    The Çamilla is a big hobo with a turnlock at the top, looks yummy & I think I need it...:smile: well I want it even if I don't need it. Why doesn't Tyler have more bags :hysteric:
  4. Hi taco,

    You mean this one, right?

    [​IMG] I don't have it, but I've seen it IRL. It's very nice looking, but I heard that some people were having issues with the bag peeling. Sorry I can't be more help.
  5. Yup, that's it..:drool: Thank's UPTWNGIRL :flowers:
    Bummer about the peeling, guess I'll pass.
  6. Oh o.k. gotcha! I have seen it IRL, its definetely a beauty but I honestely have no idea about the peeling part.
    Its so cool having you stop in with us "Coachies" Everyone is super friendly here. We have a great time here.
    Im so with you on the Tyler store. Just not enough bags.
    Have you been to the new Coach off of the 15? Nice supply:tup:
  7. ohhh, I love that new mall off Cajalco :smile:
    I can actually drive to there faster than I can get to Tyler Mall. They don't have too much stock either :sad: VG is still the best outside of SCP.
    The SA's at Tyler all seem super sweet, I just wish there was something to buy there. Yeah, I'll def be dropping in here more often :smile:
  8. Definetely love VG the best. I go to shop and then Reed gets to play. We have the best of both worlds there. I should be getting a 25% coupon from Coach soon. If ya find anything ya love just leme' know you can use it too!
    Im so happy to hear from ya again!:yahoo:
  9. Awww, thanks kimmie :flowers: It's really nice to talk to you again. I am still forever searching for the perfect black bag, I may take you up on the coupon thing...wonder if my hubby'll go for that Alligator tote?? :roflmfao:
  10. Shux! you havent found the perfect black bag in LV? Heres a pic of my perfect black bag. Its the BV jen aniston bag. I love it! And if your hubby is still as I remember, Im positive he'll get ya the Alligator tote AND matching wallet. He's a great guy!

    I know Coach girls......Its not Coach but I LLLOOOVVE this bag!
    Ebay Pics 468.jpg Ebay Pics 471.jpg Ebay Pics 475.jpg
  11. :nuts: Oly Crap that's an amazing bag!!!!
  12. Thank ya girly!:flowers:
  13. I saw the Ergo python printed bag IRL at an outlet. It's peeling like CRAZY. I guess it adds to it's exotic look? It's on clearence for $739 with 20% off