Have you seen the Panama Bag?

  1. In Town & Country March 2007 issue, right when you open the cover is the Ralph Lauren Panama Bag. It looks like a cross between a Bolide and a McPherson from Hermes. It even has a clochette and cute little Lock.

    Of course, I don't love it like Hermes, but I found it funny. That sure says a great deal about Hermes IMO.

    I wish I could scan it right now, but I am at work and the scanners are occupied. I will try in a bit.

    Has anyone seen it? It gave me a chuckle.
  2. Haven't seen it yet, but I've heard of it. Can someone please post pics?
  3. In a similar vein, there is a new Dooney & Bourke bag in the latest Nordstrom catalog (p. 95) that bears a STRONG resemblance to the Trim! It's called "Annalisa"
  4. HG...I am going to try in a bit. We have two scanners at work and it is a major part of our business. They are always burning them up! I want you all to see the pic.
  5. well on that note, I heard that Hermes will be opening a store in the new trump tower in Panama city in 5 years. Yeah, retirement with an Hermes store.
  6. LOL, Loren!
  7. Found it! It's interesting................
    panama bag.jpg
  8. how does Mcpherson looks like? i've never seen one IRL. is it still in production?
  9. :wtf: Huh...interesting WOULD be the word for it. It's not me tho. yesh.:push:
  10. That Ralph Lauren Panama bag looks really heavy!! And kinda reminds me of Giambattista Valli's patent black croc bag that VB was toting around.
  11. I don't like it at all :throwup:
  12. It looks like a Bolide with a jewelry case in the bottom. Elle McPherson does carry one and I heard it's her favorite bag.
  13. ^^A bolide with a jewelry case at the bottom? hey, that's cool. it's every girl's favorite bag.
  14. ^ Think of how USEFUL that would be! You could change all your jewelry all the time...this set of earrings for the morning, now change 'em for lunch, now for tea, another change to drive home...HA!

    I love the Bolide...and I love Jewelry boxes...and yet this bag is not for me. HOWEVER, if anyone here snags one, and LOVES it...please let me know, as I will happily change my minde! Elle does not count (as she does not post here...I think...:hrmm:).
  15. It looks really heavy to me too.