Have you seen the new Velvet Ostrich?

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  1. http://www.mulberry.com/#/storefront/c5485/5271/category/

    I saw the grey Velvet Ostrich Daria Clutch in Stanstead Airport last week and thought it was very nice! The look and the feel of the clutch were lovely - so soft and strokeable!
    It costs £350 according to the website but with airport discount or SHD it brings it down to about £280.
    Has anyone else seen one and what do you think? Would it be nice to see other bags in this material?
  2. Hi Lola, I also saw the Grey clutch at the weekend and gave it a little stroke, I was actually really impressed with it! They also had a Daria Satchel or Hobo in the same material but all the SAs were fawning over it so I didn't get a closer look at that one. I just wish the Coaster was Silver or Gunmetal with the Grey IMO that would have been stunning!
  3. I have not seen this one irl yet. will look out for it next time I am in the shops xx
  4. I agree Charlie - I don't think Mulberry use silver hardware enough. I bet the Daria hobo is gorgeous - will be watching out for that one.
    IWANB - you will not be able to resist stroking it!
  5. Is it velvet cloth, Lola? or a velvet type leather? Looks stunning on .com.
    I agree with silver hardware, but my mouse hobo has gold and I have come to the conclusion that they do go well together as it warms the grey up!
  6. ive seen this online and thought ooooo i like that!
  7. I'm pretty sure it is velvet material not leather metalic glove. It is very lovely irl!