Have you seen the new Gap ad? How cute is John Krasinski?

  1. Seriously???
  2. I haven't seen the ad you speak of, but John is most certainly cute. Let me just check if I'm thinking of the right guy.. this is the guy from "The Office", right?

  3. Oooooh yeah baby. You should see it. It's in the Dec. issue of my new mag's. :graucho::drool:
  4. I saw the Gap ad with Amanada Peet & her baby who btw is soo cute
  5. This one?
  6. Yeah, I've seen another one too...different photo.
  7. *sigh* I have the biggest crush on him :love:
  8. He has this adorable "aw, shucks" look to him.

  9. I do, too. :tender:. He's one of the main reasons I watch!
  10. He's a cutie :biggrin:
  11. It's all over NY. I did a double take when I first saw it. Cute!
  12. Ack!!!!! I didn't get to see it yet! I LOVE him. He is soooo hot! Thanks for the info.
  13. I got the Gap mailer and was flipping through it, about to toss it, when I see MR TOTALLY ADORABLE giving me that look!! I almost passed out. I am, of course, keeping it.
  14. I just saw him on an older law and order crimanl intent,hee hee b4 they were stars. soo cute!!
  15. :shrugs: Meh? The cheese stands alone.