have you seen the new coaches online???

  1. hi! i don't usually post here, but i often peruse! coach has some new lovelies on their website. I think the madeline tote is stunning and i am having trouble committing to a wallet- but i also love their new french purse. also, i got a gold signature wristlet (from the outlet) that i just adore. but that's besides the point. :smile: here are the new lovelies- check out the site, too- there's even more.
    coach.french.jpg coach.mad.jpg
  2. These items are beauties!!!
  3. I love both of those too! I keep going back to drool over them! LOL! Here's another discussion of the new Coach items:

    Coach.com has been updated!
  4. ^^^ oh- thanks! i couldn't sleep last night, so i hopped on the site... wish i didn't... i think i'm in love! also, i love that color. actually, i like all of the colors!!!
  5. YW! I love that color too! I'm trying sooo hard not to buy anything else right now because I just got the best Christmas haul ever! But darned if I don't keep gawking at that bag in geranium! I want to see it IRL. I've never liked orangey-red bags before but for some reason I'm drawn to the looks of that one! I keep imagining it next spring/summer with a crisp white blouse and blue jeans! ((sigh))
  6. ^^he he- me too! actually, a reason i buy lv mono is b/c they are seasonless- and it actually saves me money in the long run... but a fun, pretty accessory is hard to pass up...
  7. I saw the new things online too, I am kinda disappointed that something I wanted are not on there yet. When does the next new batch come out? Also I love the zebra and green pouch but what mini would go with that?
  8. Most of the not yet available items will be out in February. Can't wait!
  9. I don't fall in love with wallet styles very often but I love this wallet!!
  10. Nice!!!!