Have you seen the new Bleu Encre in real life?

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  1. Hello my dearest TPFers,

    Just wondering if any one has seen the color bleu Encre in real life. I searched the web and there’s nothing showing up, only a verbal description that it’s between bleu electrique and bleu sapphire..
    I’m wondering if if has any purple hue in it..
    Any comment would help if you’ve seen it..
    Thanks in advance
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  2. Search the entire Hermes forum for "encre" A few people have posted various items in this new color. I think it looks lovely and dark but with a purple tending undertone. Blue Royal is more true blue.
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  3. Thank you so much. I have searched but all what I found is a herbag in canvas and some random items in fabric.. Nothing in togo and clemence leather.. I have been searching for an electric blue kelly for a while and now one personal shopper is offering me one in the new color Encre blue.. I didn't wanna commit until I know exactly what I'm buying.. Some pictures they look purplish and others look like a rich deep blue.. I am looking for anyone who actually seen the color in real life to give me their input..
  4. Yes! I just took home a Double Sens 45 in Gold and BLUE ENCRE! It’s not as purple or bright as I thought it would be from seeing the color sample in my local store. It does have a hint of purple, but my SA and I agreed it was more on the navy side. Everyone in the store loved it! I hope these photos help :smile:
    038769AB-DAD2-4AE7-92E0-0172F4F06A18.jpeg DB3D4A74-F2CD-4613-B788-D5B5B62148D6.jpeg 61E14A58-E9A1-4C23-8C04-74AF8302CD49.jpeg
  5. Blue Electrique is my absolute favorite H Blue. If I had all the money in the world, I would get every H bag in that color!! If your heart is set on BE, I don't know if any other blue could be the same. That being said, if the plan is to have more than one K, perhaps having a darker blue would be a nice complement to a bright BE! In my heart of hearts, nothing could replace BE but that's just my humble opinion!
  6. Yes absolutely, I so terribly badly need a blue electrique in m my life. I think I will just wait and hope that one day I will find it.
  7. Oh my your bag is absolutely gorgeous.. congratulations.. the color is waaaay darker than what I thought it would be. I thought it was closer to electrique blue. Even though it’s such a beautiful shade it’s not what I’m looking for.
    Thank you so much you helped me tons
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  8. Yeah, it’s definitely quite a bit darker than BE...Sorry!
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  9. I have it in the B35 and love the color. It’s been mistaken for blue sapphire quite a few times. Sorry I don’t have any close photos of the bag but you can see how close it is to the color of sapphire. It’s definitely more vibrant and the photo doesn’t do it justice. I will try to take a photo in natural light soon.
  10. Bleu electrique Epsom and bleu encre clemence. :smile:
    E4BBD082-5CEB-47B1-8ABE-B7B64E83885C.jpeg D9DAC43D-4292-4636-A438-252AE026AF23.jpeg
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  11. Great example of two gorgeous blues with both PHW and GHW...
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  12. Yes I was offered a herbag bleu encre. It has a strong purple undertone. It’s not the bleu for me so I declined the bag
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  13. My new baby from Paris this Wednesday!
    The color depends on the light....
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG
  14. I'm going to look at a C18 Bleu Encre next week. The color appeals to me. Actually looks beautiful! The hw is gold. My jewelry is wg. Not sure what to do
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  15. I did a reveal of my bleu encre beauty here. I showed it in different lights and compared to bleu electrique chèvre. A true chameleon colour ranging from navy to sapphire to indigo dye with a strong purple undertone.
    9.jpg 11.jpg 21.jpg