Have you seen the Kooba Cape on Saks.com?

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  1. Kooba Cape.jpg
  2. Kinda groovy. Reminds me of the bubble umbrellas I had as a kid in N.Y. They had the same shape. :p

    Leather looks nice but I could not see myself paying nearly $700 for a zippered cape (uh huh. And a couple of years ago I couldn't see myself paying more than $150 for a bag. Sheesh). I'd like to see it with the zipper pulled down a bit and how the collar would behave - does it lie flat, etc.
  3. I don't know, looks pretty confining IMO. I would be curious to see all the styles they have made though, this is the third one I've seen, and none of them do much for me.
  4. Hideous, sorry, what were they thinking...
  5. What a waste of such lovely leather. They should have just made a few more Siennas.
  6. A Kooba motorcycle jacket I would go for in a flat second, even for the price, but a cape? Nope, just not my style.

    Do they have just the classic jacket?
  7. Fugly if you ask me..:throwup:
  8. That cape does nothing for me at all, in fact it's :yucky:

    What a waste. Just think what gorgeous bags could have been made with that supple leather?
  9. Oh - I just remembered that there was a Kooba jacket that I liked. It was featured in Lucky. Let me see if I can scan it.
  10. Hi Mini!! Have you seen this terrible emoticon????

    Isn't that hysterical????

  11. Here it is. Sorry about the lousy resolution. Haven't used the scanner in ages and I think it's mad at me. What do you guys think? I really like it, but I'm not sure how warm it's going to keep people...
  12. Oh dear Katscorps, a leather jacket without sleeves isn't doing it for me either :sad:
  13. It looks like a mushroom to me, no thanks.

    Give me a classic bomberjacket anyday.
  14. OMG, I can only imagine how retarded I would look in that! :nogood:
  15. I guess the little jacket's a bust, too...But I personally would wear it. I guess I have a strange personal style. :upsidedown: