Have you seen the imposter Sabrina?

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  1. Handbag styles come and go and there seems to be a finite number of basic styles and the Sabrina happens to be a basic satchel - I was googling for something one day when the Sabrina came out and I found a Prada bag that came out well before the Sabrina and the Sabrina was almost exactly like it. Personally, I think Coach has been "inspired" a lot lately by Prada. The Penelope ruffles remind me of the Prada ruffled bags last season and those ombre bags - totally Pradaesque as is the logo plate that Coach has been using on the Sabrina and Julianne bags. The bridge (like Coach) designers always seem to copy the big name designers and the less expensive designers copy the bridge designers. ITA the Sabrina is much nicer (and pricier) than the Jessica Simpson bag though.
  2. The general shape of the Sabrina reminds me of a gym bag. ;)
  3. I actually like this bag. You can tell there is quite a difference from the Sabrina, but it is infact similiar! I like the JS signature with the red/white & pink! It actually reminds me of past Coach scarf prints!!! I'm still a Coach girl thru and thru!!!
  4. :wtf: The "Signature" ones are downright hideous!
    Why would anyone pay $100 for a pleather purse when you could go to the outlet and get real leather there for a little bit more money?

    First J Lo and now Jessica Simpson? Puh-leeze! :tdown:
  5. Eww not a fan! On a side note it seems like almost everyone is copying designs in one way or another.
  6. I think Jessica Simpson's bags are different enough looking that they would never be confused for a Sabrina...even from a long ways off. Sabrina is much better looking.
  7. I agree that the Sabrina is a basic satchel shape, and the JS bag doesn't resemble it closely enough to ever be mistaken for it. The all-leather (or pleather) JS versions look NOTHING like the Coach bags...
  8. It is made of pleather and that's a good enough reason to not buy it--Sabrina or otherwise.
  9. Don't forget...the Sabrina has criticized for it's similarity to the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After/Morning After Mini and the MbMJ Dr. Q Groove, and the....to infinity.

    i think there's only so many styles of bags that could be produced - overlap if styles is going to happen. I don't let them bother me - I just purchase the bag I prefer best
  10. Meh, it's gross, but different enough. The Sabrina is a pretty classic shape.

    This cosmetic giveaway is pretty intriguing though...I'll have to go to the mall tomorrow, so perhaps I'll stop in and see if there's anything left.
  11. Eh, Did you see the other colors? Imagine wearing a bag that has "jessica simpson" written all over.... LoL. What were they thinking? now I don't mind a company name, even tho i don't like coaches current "all over -3 year old coloring" bags either, but "jessica simpson"???"

    If they keep this up, soon michael jackson will have his own handbag line as well, then they will have "jacko-signature" all over it as well, yah? Or maybe an "oprah" signature bag??? LoL.