Have you seen the fab brand André Ross?

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  1. I looooove luxury brands but I also love discovering new and very interesting brands that the world has not yet saturated. It's like finding a treasure that I can keep especially for myself (well, for a while.....). One of such discoveries is the French luxury brand called André Ross brand (French Luxury Handbags - André Ross). The products are so stylish and chic that I just have to share this news with others. I love the bag called Monmartre .... very chic and also the Champs Elysées .... very Parisian...... and the Atena is so coooool, I'm definitely buying it for next spring!
  2. i haven't seen anyone else post about these. does anyone have information about them? they look pretty online but what are they like in person?
  3. Those are really nice bags, I've never heardof this designer before. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Whew, pricey!