have you seen the dark forest green Rive Gauche?

  1. This color Rive Gauche came out last fall, when the style was first launched, and I always regretted not buying one. Green is my favorite color! :greengrin:

    I suspect that there may be a few left around on sales racks, so please let me know if you see one! TIA

  2. there's one on sale at ysl in sf...
    ask for my sa, terri...415.837.1211
  3. Thanks kimair! :flowers:

    Do you happen to recall what kind of shape the bag was in: scruffs, scratches, loose threads? I'm always nervous about ordering a bag that's been sitting around a store for a year.
  4. i only glanced at it, but it looked to be in pretty good shape...
    they keep the bags at the ysl store here on shelves, and there's usually only 1-2 on a shelf...
  5. i bought one off bluefly a few months ago
  6. Lucky you! I saw one on Bluefly long ago too, but not lately. How do you like it?
  7. Thanks again. I'll give them a call.
  8. putting aside the poor bluefly presentation (stuffed into a giant ziploc bag), i thought the color was very pretty (and i love the RG style), but in the end, i couldn't really work the green into my wardrobe. i've come to realize that i need to distinguish between colors i like to look at (like blue and purple) and colors i like to actually wear. so i returned it because heaven knows i don't need bags cluttering up my closet just because i think they're pretty. don't give up hope seeing it again on bluefly (though be prepared for it to be a return). good luck!
  9. i found one on sale at ysl in nyc early june. it was just under $1000! i am so in love with it. i usually stick with more traditional colors but i am glad i got this one, the gold hardware really stands out on the forest green leather. :smile:
  10. Hi there ladies I know this is now going back a good bit, but im being tempted to buy this same bag in a beige patent for my friend, could you please tell me if the back of zipper head says YSL or lampo and as to if there is anything inside the little clochette thingy. Sorry Im a total newcomer to YSL and am looking to confirm some things before purchasing. Many thanks any help very much appreciated
  11. Be careful with patent light colours. Colour transfer could be an issue. I'd stick to darker colours in patent unless it's a hand held clutch (which you can keep away from touching your clothing).
  12. older ones have lampo, newer YSL, depends on the year

    lili is right, light patent is really tricky, not only transfer of colour, but the stitching is sometimes bleading, older light patent gets some yellow or pink patina which can not be cleaned, be careful please
  13. Hi girls, you really are great thanks so much or the advice, im awaiting more pics to solve the identification dilema. Regarding the issue with the colour of patent is this an issue specific to these YSL bags, reason I ask is I have a light patent coloured Anya Hindmarch bag that I have used pretty much every day since I got it over a year ago and no colour transfer on it at all. So maybe its just an issue with these YSL bags? Hmnn the friend Im getting it for does wear a lot of dark clothing so Ill have to give this some thought. Many thanks , ill get back with those pics soon as I have them....
  14. YSL does not really have a problem with this, we are talking long run. All patent bags will show change of colour in a longer run, and this is something to keep for years to come. Miu Miu is worse in my opinion, glazed leather changes colour after several months to yellower (that is why I bought a brown one), all patent leathers since they are plasticized show change even if stored in a dust bag. Dark ones do not show a thing, especially black, but I have read beige disasters (you can do a search on tPF and find some posts). I found that YSL patent leather is actually more durable than majority of other brands, but again, I m talking 10 year period ...regular leather just becomes better with age. Just my little caution advice,hpowever, patent Rive Gouche is divine, and my favourite colour for Rive Gauche is ivory/beige.
  15. Lynnie, I was referring to all patent leathers in general including YSL. Someone on this forum had a problem with a light patent BDJ. My experience has only been with MBMJ cream heels (after one wear with pale blue jeans) and a white Botkier bag (wore it several times but then once with jeans and it was ruined). The plastic coating on the patent seems to just absorb colour from everything it comes in contact with like a sponge. It probably varies a lot depending on the leather / brand but I wouldn't risk it with a really expensive bag.

    Vesna, thanks for that info. Should I now be concerned about my cream Miu Miu bow bag? And I wonder if this would be an issue for a fuchsia BDJ clutch. It's not pale but it's not dark either.