Have you seen the Coach Chelsea in Chocolate?

  1. It is such a GORGEOUS bag - beautiful chocolate color. My cousin bought her leather chelsea satchel in the Toffee color last week. We went to the Coach store to pick up some bags that we had ordered and saw the Chocolate leather satchel. It had come in on MOnday. It is stunning! She is returning her toffee for the chocolate and now I am contemplating getting one! I think I'll wait for my blk/white siggie satchel to get here first though!:p
  2. I've seen the chocolate and it is really nice. I've never really been a big fan of the chelsea line but the chocolate is a really rich brown and I may be coming around. I just can't decide between the large hobo and the satchel.
  3. I LOVE the Chelsea line b/c I LOVE the nickel hardware! Cant wait to see this bag!!!!
  4. I THINK you are right...it's hard to see. I am more of a signature person anyway and I WISH this bag came in chocolate signature (not the optic).... Thanks for the link! :tup: