Have you seen the caviar wallet attached to a long chain?

  1. Would you recommend it for nights out and errands? Thanks!
  2. I have it in black with gold. It's received a lot of compliments. I ususally wear it messenger style because my chain is quite long. I can fit money and credit cards in there plus a compact lipstick and mobile phone. I wouldn't really put my keys in there because they'd probably mark the leather, but the other items I mentioned fit quite easily.
  3. How much is it, if you don't mind my asking?
  4. I use one for quick runs, a movie, etc. Mine is pink/fuschia and I got it off eBay about 4 years back. They are more than $900, if I remember correctly. I was just doing a fast browse when I was looking at wallets.
  5. I tried this on the other day...I love it and want one!!!!

    I think it is SO practical for a night out or even for going away.

    They cost $1530 AUD in Australia. Does anyone know if they are easily available in the US?
  6. NM had the pink on sale for $787 down from $1125 or so.
  7. I dont have one but I always admire the "wallet on a chain". I saw a young woman carrying it at an LV boutique once. It looked great. She had the beige one. Its kind of pricey for its size, but Im sure it would be useful.
  8. i was looking at a black one and it was about $1,195 i believe. the only thing im worried about is the size. too bad it wasn't a tad bigger.
  9. I have seen them in boutiques as well as the department stores in the US. In gold, silver, and black. I almost bought one - thought it would be great for errands and very dressing up! Have to save up!
  10. I have it and love it! It is great to throw into a larger bag (like a big diaper bag) and be ready to pull out to look chic with Chanel.