Have you seen the back cover of Elle, Feb 08? Details?

  1. Has anyone seen the back cover of Elle Magazine for Feb 08? :drool: Its a GORGEOUS bag! Any details, please? :girlsigh:
  2. Here she is!
  3. This is a bag from the newest, ready to wear spring summer 08 collection...here are a few more versions from the fashion show !
    77158503.jpg 77158630.jpg 77158661.jpg 77158698.jpg 77158839.jpg
  4. now thats a bag I want to get my hands on :drool: I love the front flap closure thing!!!
  5. didnt u see my thread with them, hun??? i love this closure too, these two are my favourite :love:
    77158839.jpg 77158719.jpg

  6. i feel your pain jes:flowers:...i have been mysteriously drawn to Prada recently:nuts: ...i NEED this bag hehehe :hysteric:
    prada full on.jpg
  7. Here are some of the ads...WOW these look nice! Jessica Stam looks amazing!


  8. As much as i dislike Jessica Stam ( in those ads and in general) , I love the dress with the coat...Galliano is making my heart beat faster again! :love:
  9. JS does look amazing, and that bag is TDF! :drool:
  10. my gosh. here I was thinking that I am not into any bags recently and good way to start the new year. And this thread reminded me of this!!~~ I am drooling now. Now I just pray it's less than 2k.

    It looks to be fur, so I fear it may for over 2k :crybaby:
  11. Does anyone have an idea of a price tag or a release date yet?
  12. the price for the pony bag on www.dior.com is 1900 british pounds but no release date.
  13. this bag is soo hot!!
    i absolutely love it!
  14. Thanks nataliam1976!

    Ok, so I have more info on it, just no release date yet!
    Its from the jazzclub line, its called "the zebra printed dior jazzclub bag" it has pony finished leather and it measures about 16.5 x 10 x 4.5
    Now with the currency conversion, pounds to dollars...... I'm thinking 1900 pounds is about 3700 dollars!!!!! :push: Is that right?

    Dam it! I still need it! :nuts: