Have you seen the August InStyle with Mandy Moore on the cover?

  1. In the interview, she says that she'll probably carry her Balenciaga (she doesn't say which one) for a few more months, and after that it won't be trendy anymore.

    I think she's adorable, but I have to respectfully disagree! Bal bags have been around for several years and I think they're timelss, IMHO.

    What do you think?
  2. I think this question gets pondered over and over on this board. I really doubt you will find anyone on here who things the B-bag craze is 'over'.
    I just buy them because I like them. Whether a celebrity carrries them or not doesn't make any difference to me at all.
  3. Hmmm. I don't know too much about Bal yet, but I would disagree with MM's timeline for the moto bag. I don't think it's the IT bag anymore, though it seems a bit arbitrary to give it only a few more months. If she's only into carrying it while it's really hot, then shouldn't she have stopped a while back? I am just getting into Bal bags, so I'm not trying to say that they're over or anything, though I wouldn't classify them as the latest thing, either. Her reasoning is a bit confusing.
  4. I wonder if she is talking about the moto bags. I was assuming she was. I do find some of the non-moto bags to be more "trendy"

    Regardless, I agree that it seems arbitrary that she's decided that she will carry it for only a few more months.

  5. Oh, good point. I didn't even think to consider that she might be referring to another Bal style.
  6. ITA - celebrity's say the dumbest things sometimes. maybe she's fishing for another free bag!
  7. Doesn't her bag have giant hardware? I'm not sure but maybe that what's she's referring to as trendy?
  8. If the only reason she is carrying a Bal is b/c she thinks is is "trendy" - well, that's her loss.
  9. Mandy says that she used not to care about fashion trends but is now totally caught up in attempting to present, in the form of clothes and accessories on her own person, so she is attempting to where the In Thing.

    Which she interprets to include a Balenciaga handbag.

    She seems to feel that she's in the midst of some fashion maelstrom and no longer chooses items according to her own taste (if she has any) but instead according to what her stylists indicate is In.

    I think it would be fun to be rich and live that way - for awhile.

    It'll be interesting to see, ten years from now, what Mandy has decided to carry - if she decides to develop personal style. In perusing the pages of that same InStyle, I noticed lots of "Balenciaga" touches on lesser handbags (like Betsy Johnson, IIRC).

    Tassles and studs will never go out of style here where I live. :supacool: And I'll be happy to provide homes for wayward B-bags whose owners are over them...
  10. Well spoken!! (bangs fist on table!)
  11. I dont think the Bbag craze is over... if there was such a craze... I mean I find Bbags a classic really! i love them! I buy because of the beautiful leather and colors and craftmanship... not coz what some celeb thinks...
  12. who cares about what she thinks, i'll use my bbags regardless of what she thinks or anyone else think, as long as i enjoy wearing them.
  13. Page 292, in a (yes I kid you not) Biore ad, is that a blue City I spy?
  14. I've seen Mandy with several older bags, not just her current GH PT. She's got an 04 Lilac.. what is she talking about!
  15. She has it backwards...they were trendy when they first came out. You can't really call them trendy almost six years later.