Have you seen "Saskia"?

  1. Ooooh baby!I love this bag. If only I could post the pic straight from the new Neimans resort catalog that came in today's mail. It is a divine red bag - actually the color is described as 'coral' and has two sets of handles - one set in LUCITE with silver tips. It retails for $1680. They are showing a lot of cool red bags for resort. Kinda makes me want to keep my eyes on the Heloise prize. Now I can understand a lucite lock on a Paddy too! I hope somebody can post a picture soon. We need some fresh meat.:drool:
  2. Sounds interesting! :tup:
  3. Ooooooh, I threw that magazine away, without scouring it, can't believe I had the guts to do it (just today), so guess I'd better go through the trash can......it's on the top.....LOL
  4. I saw it in todays catalog too, it has lucite handles, 2 front pockets and another strap too, i loved the color and the leather looked so soft
  5. Any chance of a scan, please, anybody? :flowers:
  6. ooooh - can't wait to see it!
  7. I was going to start a thread about the Saskia but found this old one of divnanata's so revived it instead ;)

    I saw the new season Chloes today for the first time IRL and must say I am totally in love with the Saskia! The styling is so amazing and the leather is just TDF :love:

    I saw the smaller one which retails at £755 and another larger one which I think was £840 - both were East/West style. The colours are so diverse as well - Ivory, Black, Muscade, Coral and Turquoise! :nuts:

    I think I will have to get one soon.....:graucho:

    Anyone else loving the Saskia? Better still, does anyone have one already and have any pics to share?
  8. where is the saskia? is it online somewhere?
  9. Try NAP , Luisa Via Roma... It is very pretty...:love:
  10. :heart::heart:I can't wait to see this bag IRL!!!
    I just love it in white and taupe..
    I love the smaller size... The one in black on NAP
    Here is a pic of Reese with " Saskia"
  11. I am 'in love' with the white Saskia--one classy bag--OMG, I'm loving LOTS in this new collection.:nuts:
  12. OK, I'm gonna be the "odd girl out" but I didn't care for this IRL. I liked it until I actually saw it. The leather is nice, the color is nice, but it just didn't do it for me. I didn't like it on, but that's just me. Sorry, ladies.

    Maybe you'll feel differently.:confused1: