Have you seen new styles on LeSportSac website?

  1. Out of habit I randomly check the lesportsac site and I noticed some new bag styles posted.

    I know most of us feel that we would never give Lesportsac another look if it had not been for the collabo w/ tokidoki but there were a few that caught my eye like the:

    "technofile"- I am not sure if its a laptop bag
    "poppy"-like a gardening bag, but i would use it for arts & crafts or scrapbooking
    "lotus"- I thought this was the most interesting, not sure what I could carry in it but it looks interesting none the less.
  2. I kind of like the "pixie" style just for small essentials type of bag, but the print choices are :throwup:. I might consider it when/if I see some cuter prints being offered.

    Could the "lotus" be for golf clubs? That's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head. But I don't golf so not sure if the dimensions are appropriate for golf clubs?
  3. \

    I agree, the prints are not that cute...
  4. no way! i was just thinking that poppy would be great to have to tote around my scrapbooking stuff at this scrapbooking workshop i'm going to in september. i'll have to check it out in person to see if it'll work. last year it was too bothersome to keep zipping and unzipping my tote to get my tools/supplies and wasted time. the end result being that i couldn't finish my projects. the outside pockets would be perfect to make everything really accessible!!! :smile:)

    i wish they had cuter prints though.
  5. i think the Nellie is cute.
  6. You scrap!! OMG!! Me too!!
  7. the lotus is for a yoga mat! and i just bought a technofile for my friend for her birthday... it a pretty high tech bag for laptop stuff.
  8. The styles you mentioned are really cute! Now they just need to get some better prints.
  9. i just went to the lesportsac website and cannot believe that they discontinued some styles, including MOLLY, one of my favorite!!! should i get another one while i can still find them on eBay???

    just wondering, how many of you here like lesportsac, not just toki?
  10. I like Fafi prints. But I was just giving Fafi a closer look this week at Filene's, and like most LSS bags, they're not as nicely detailed as the Tokidoki bags. No cute lining, hardware, etc. I wonder of the old L.A.M.B. bags were as nicely constructed as the Tokis are?
  11. I like the LSS panda print, and the new bunny print. Other than that, I'm not exactly impressed by their designs :/ I think LAMB was the line to launch them into any kind of real popularity.
  12. I've seen a bunch of bags that recently came out that look like the styles of toki bags :yes: (Like a cucciolo style... no good prints or anything~)
  13. I like regular LSS as well, I have a few mainly for travel. The lesportsac L.A.M.B. bags were actually quite nice, I have a couple of them, and they have nice hardware and detailing. I like them a whole lot more than Gwen's current bags actually.
  14. not digging the current prints, the seem to plain, i know it's fall but come on.
  15. I'm a bird girl, as a lot of you know... and I found the new "Birdie" print to be cuuuuuuuuute! I definitely wouldn't carry an entire bag of the print, but a cosmetic case or something small. :yes: