Have you seen new Chloe Paddy color Nuage (cloud)?

  1. I just saw a bag advertised on eBay and diabro as a new chloe color. I tend to love the variations of white, so have any of you girls seen this IRL and how does it compare to mastic or some of the other off whites. I included one of the pictures. It looks gorgeous.
    chloe nuage.jpg
  2. ReRe,
    I saw it a few weeks ago irl and I thought it was more like galet, kind of silvery. I'm not too familiar with mastic so I can't compare.

    It was at NM Bev Hills.

    Thanks for the PM about the mousse front pocket satchel. I just got an Edith (not quite as good a deal as everyone else here) and I'm trying to be good. HA! Going to Vegas tomorrow so that will be tough! Also put my name on the list for the fall LV olympe nimbus bag in grey.
  3. I have galet and mastic, would love to see this one up against them. You will not be able to be good in Las Vegas, all the Boutique stores are there, I'd never get past Dior. I can't believe you are on the waiting list for the nimbus--I love that bag. What color was the really light one last year, was that silver or the gray you are waiting for.
  4. i'm dying to see this color IRL too. except, i've been bad on eBay and may have to wait a few months before indulging again. i know there are tPFers with nuage paddies, i'm dying to see their pics!!! :yes::graucho:
  5. I think I saw this today at Nordies in Walnut Creek. If so, it looked a LOT like 06 Blanc :yes:
  6. I've seen this bag a few times and now and each time have had to use all my will power to walk away! It is a gorgeous colour and the leather on the bags I have seen has been fab! :drool:

    It is a paler version of galet from last season - like a very pale taupe with a slightest hint of pink in certain lights.

    Do any of you know "Limo" from Bottega Veneta? It's just a tiny shade lighter than that....here's my Limo Ball just as a colour reference : -

  7. *groan* when does diabro go on sale? aaaghhhh...
  8. i saw this paddy at NM palo alto today (together with rogue, tan, canelle, and blanc!) and the diabro picture looks pretty true to life, it's a cream color with grey undertones, very pretty!
  9. I just saw this color paddy at NM SF yesterday. It does look slightly grey cream color--very nice!
  10. :yahoo:I'm getting this bag on Wednesday so I will post pics then :graucho:
  11. (I thought we had a thread already on this color?) :graucho: Anyway, I bought the nuage at NM in Chicago. It's very pretty...close to galet, (which for some reason escaped me!) But I love the silver hardware on this one. :heart: All my other "whites" have the brass-toned lock and I just love this different look! :tup: I can't do pics though...DH is the camera expert! (and if I let him into the Chloe closet, he'll know he married a nutcase!):nuts:
  12. Sorry beanie if I missed a previous thread. I have a galet bowler and it has silver hardware, so it may be too similar to the new nuage for me to take the plunge, but I would love to see pictures of yours.
  13. I was so excited about the color and silver hardware on the nuage paddy that I bought it! It's lovely and will try to post picture (all thumbs when it comes to that).
  14. oooh, i really want to see everyones pics! this colour is sooooooo georgous!! I used to own a paddington but i sold it cos it was too heavy, but i could bear the weight for this colour!!

    BEANIE: Thats so funny, i know how you feel. My husband just doesn't understand the art of handbags?!?!?!?
  15. Mine is coming from Marbella Chloe so won't arrive until Monday - does anybody else have any pics to keep us going until then? ;)