Have you seen me? Purple signature metalic wristlet.

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  1. Has anyone seen these in the outlet lately? When? How much were they?


  2. I think they were $27? I saw them a few weeks ago.
  3. ARGH this wristlet keeps coming back and haunting me!!!!!!!!!!!! I stupidly left the black one for the framed one, and now I just sold it because I really want the small one!!!!!!!!! but I can't find it at my store, and my store won't do transfers.
  4. Are you talking about the FP stores or the outlet? I didn't think that outlets would transfer anything. I also thought they wouldn't ship it to you. Am I wrong on this?
  5. outlet, I called several neighboring outlets, adn they said they will transfer to the outlet closest to me, but I would have to go to the outlet personally to do this.
  6. I like the mini skinnys better for this lurex line. Not sure why as history would indicate I'd like the wristlet better cause it's bigger. They were at the outlets back in Thanksgiving.
  7. I saw this wristlet sometime early Jan at the Coach outlet in Carlsbad CA off of Palomar Airport Exit on the 5 freeway (I think)
    I dont remember the price exactly but it was in the high 20's due to being on sale and then having an additional markdown. I almost bought it and then didnt because I was afraid I would get it dirty quite quickly. They had only one on the floor and I didnt ask if they had any in the back. It was really pretty though
  8. Sorry to ask again, but does anyone have the number for this one? I'm going to call Jax... maybe I can still get it that way. If you have the number for the tiny framed version too. I can't decide between the two, so I'll take which ever they can sned me!
  9. ill check the outlet when i go this week. and let you know! i want a black one, if someone else will keep an eye out for that!