have you seen coral red?

  1. hello girls,

    i bought a coin purse in EB but actually i wanted the coral red but still haven't seen the color yet. the SA at balNY told me the waiting list is too long to get one...so.
    i saw the color chart on the reference thread...there were arena and vermillon...which one is it? i think i've seen all the colors on that chart except the red colors.
    just very impatient.

    any suggestion??:confused1:
  2. Hi juneping!

    Balenciaga NY already has the coral red!! I die of curiosity for the LEgreen .....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. ^ already??? I thought that was a collection color and wouldn't be out for a bit yet....ooooo can't want to see tPFer pics!
  4. what do you mean by collection color?
    sorry..i am ignorant..:shame:
  5. antubella,
    i'll find sometime to check it out this weekend...
  6. lol it's okay, I'm just learning too! Apparently the colors are divided up into collection and pre-collection colors. The collection colors this season are I think turquoise, coral red, and the new yellow, and they come out after the pre-collection colors (EB, sky blue, pale magenta, bubblegum, etc.).
  7. BalNY definitely doesn't have any coral red yet, unless I was misinformed in the email I received today. Season colors are not due up until end of February the earliest at this point.

    The color is called vermillion, arena is not a color, it's just a titling on the swatch board.
  8. amenda,
    thanks!! that's very helpful of you. i thought they have coral red in other styles but coin purse...i happened to call them yesterday but only after the coin purse...
  9. There's only one red, not a coral and another. They are calling it vermillion. Supposedly, vermillion is a coral red.
  10. I saved this picture that IIRC hgbag posted. It is the stock picture of Vermillon.
  11. Beautiful photo! This looks like a great color!
  12. What is LEgreen? I haven't heard anything about that!
  13. is there a waiting list for this color?
  14. i also can't wait to see this color. I love the color coral but I just am not sure from the little we have to go on. I need more pics and some first hand reporting.
  15. Ooh thanks for that, I didn't see this! I'm quite liking the shade in this stock photo..