have you seen black reissue with silver hardware in any chanel boutique?

  1. in chanel boutique only... . i dont want to buy from Saks or Neimans.
  2. Chanel boutique in Holt Renfrew (Bloor St. location, Toronto, Canada) has at least one that I know of. You could call them or the freestanding Chanel store on Bloor as well.
  3. Nope, haven't seen one in my local Chanel store.
  4. I saw one in Hongkong airport, really pretty! (ok, not much help I know =p) I do like the silver hardware better, it makes the bag look younger to me :smile: I bought the white classic instead thoh :smile:
  5. i saw 1 at my store in houston texas
  6. .
  7. A friend of mine bought hers in an international airport terminal, and it's LOVELY!
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