Have you seen BEBOP GM lately? Especially Australia and Singapore?

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  1. Hi guys,

    What do you think of using Bebop GM as a clutch?
    I have a PM in prune swift, using it as sunglasses case. Love how cute the Bebop is!

    I'm hoping to get a GM in Cherve Mysore, do you know if they still make it in this leather. If not I'm happy with Swift GM.

    Please let me know if you seen one in GM size Thanks:smile:
  2. i just bought a gm bebop in swift, in london store though. don't think it is suitable as a clutch as it has a wide base, so not easy to hold by hand..the gm karo is better as a clutch imho..
  3. Thanks Chincac. You are lucky, which color did you get?
    I really love the cuteness of Bebop. Hoping to get it in Singapore early next month:smile:
  4. Lagoon. Good luck and hope you find yours in chevre in Singapore. :smile:
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    IIRC, I believe that the biggest size of a Be-Bop is called an MM ........and I do use mine as clutches ..........but , I have never seen them in Chevre ....... that doesn't mean they don't exist .......good luck on your search.......
    action8.jpg daily14.jpg
  6. Lagoon Bebop sounds great. Thanks dear:smile:

    Those are lovely action pics. Love them! I saw a post here http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-styles/small-leather-accessories-pics-only-99981-15.html#post12333927 TPFer said Lagoon in Chèvre.

    Sydspy, if you see this MM size at Sydney store can you pls let me know?, doesn't matter which leather:smile:
  7. the pic on that thread is actually a Swift Be-Bop ..........I have never seen any Be-Bop in H Sydney at all, but if I see one that I do not want I will certainly let you know........he he he.......:graucho:

    The only place that I have seen a lot of MM Be-Bop is at H Wall St in NYC .......there were like 3 in MM and a lot of PM there plus plenty of Karo in both GM and PM .........

    good luck with your search .......:biggrin:
  8. lots of bebops are madison also!
  9. yeah ...... New Yorkers must love H Be-bops .........ha ha ha........;)
  10. I have a Lagoon GM in Swift, bought it in my local store, I don't use it much because Karo PM fits better in my everyday bags (I'm on the smaller side), but I agree it's very cute.
    I've seen many GMs in the store in all kind of colors. I think they are still in the making.
  11. Lol... Thanks:smile:

    I wish I could go to US to shop, seem like they always have good inventory:smile:
  12. as far as I know .........Be-Bop comes in TPM, PM and MM .......and used to come in a very tiny squarish shape AKA a condom holder.........

    here is a pic of my Be-Bops : Orange is a TPM, Vermilion and Lagon are PM , and Ardoise and Pink are MM ......
    colour of H1.jpg Pink Be-bop.jpg
  13. You have a lovely bebop collection there. The Ardoise and Pink are TDF:biggrin:
    The pink look brand new:smile:
  14. Pink is the youngest in the Be-Bop family .......:biggrin:
  15. there is one on Kaleidoplace now.........

    be-bop rose dragee.jpg