Have you seen any

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  1. "Downtowns" lately ? I have a black patent one I haven't worn in a while and I'm thinking of bringing it out for air -
  2. I am about to carry mine too....lovely bag
  3. I carry mine, and wouldn't pass up another if I could find a specific color/leather combo I want.
  4. I am happy to hear it - wasn't sure whether it was way past its prime or not.
  5. Have a small and a medium, two of my favorites, thinking I may take one out today.:smile:
  6. I haven't seen much downtowns out but I was just at the YSL outlet store in Florence and they have a pretty large selection of downtowns -- patent leather, regular leather, even the deerskin one! -- on display.
  7. That is very good news!!