Have you seen any CL Nude Very Prives??

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I have exhausted all my online means to find these in my size. So I'm wondering if any of you can please tell me if you've spotted a pair in a 37 (my usual size) or 37.5(my size in the simples), or knows who stocks them. :yes:

    I've heard that they are quite true to size?

  2. nooooope! everyone's looking for them too!
  3. oh dear, seems like it's gonna be a hard one.
  4. Nope but I'm on the waiting list for some....hasn't arrived yet though.
  5. I know that they were on pre-order from Saks.com a few months ago but I still have not received my order. I also heard that CL boutiques were getting a few pairs in. Good luck, these shoes are fabulous!
  6. Stinas, you're such an eBay enabler! LOL

    Pixel, they are hard to find, as everything is on pre-order and sells out quickly, apparently. I've had my VPs for a while and didn't know about the frenzy for them until some of the ladies on the board told me too! Do like everyone does: STALK eBay.
  7. I am actually looking for a pair too but I want the one from a few seasons ago with the burgundy tip, can't seem to find it anywhere.
  8. ebay is probably ur best bet
  9. Thanks Stinas! :smile:

    I have gotten some really good tips for you girls! Thanks for that!