Have you seen an inexpensive version of this bracelet? I want one!

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  1. I feel that I MUST have at least one of these bracelets, but I have spent too much on myself in pre-Xmas sales already! I'm on a buying ban until the holiday. But if I find on of these for cheap I might have to snag it.

    The Janna Conner one is velvet and costs $75. The CC Skye is leather and costs $160-200 but is on sale at Bloomies for $130. Has anyone seen knockoffs of this style? It's fairly simple and I don't care if it's not super well-made.
    cc skye.jpg Janna Conner.jpg
  2. How about these from delias.com? They are only $14.50

    the black one



    link: www.dELiAs.com=
  3. Thank You!!!
  4. no problem! :flowers:
  5. I saw some with red leather or black leather at Express maybe two months ago. You might check there ... they were under $30.
  6. Oooh, I like that one too. I ordered the Etsy one. We'll see how much I like it, I'll probably want one in another color like black.