Have you seen a white Bearn?

Jun 26, 2006
He surprised me with a number of Hermes items yesterday, including an all white PH bearn wallet.

He knew that I had my wallet stolen not too long ago and sought to replace it with something from my favorite store. He confessed that upon examining a number of H wallets, he had originally wanted to get me a smaller wallet in "pink." However, the SA brought out an all white bearn and advised him that it's the only one she has ever seen. Shortly, other SAs joined in, all claiming that they have never seen a white bearn, ever. Long story short, in the end, he got the white bearn for me because it's "one of a kind" and that if I didn't like it, I could always exchange it for something else, which the store had plenty of.

I am concerned that the white bearn, while painfully exquisite, may not be a functional day-to-day wallet (e.g., color transfer, ability to stay clean, etc). I am torn! What are your thoughts, ladies?

I am sure it's rare and unique. I would love to see a white bearn, but you have to touch your wallet alot daily...I am afraid that your white wallet become gray wallet after using it for a while...
The good thing is that you can get the leather cleaned at Hermes and they perform literally miracles on the stuff.

I had a white BV wallet and had to be very careful with it... but the leather has held up beautifully (and it was lamb).
last weekend, after showing me a kelly 32 in toile and white clemence (TDF!), my SA showed me a white bearn in epsom to match it with. very immaculate white and delicate but I think for an everyday wallet, a colored one would be the way to go!
^^ pazt!!That kelly sounds gorgeous!! Its strange that these lovely items are actually in store!!

PL, i know it was sooo pretty! but i already have a white JPG shoulder birkin - i don't think i can handle another white bag. i don't even use it for fear of denim stains and all.

but i still hinted to DH. i think he's been deaf lately though. :nuts:
My SA showed a white bearn in espom before.
Since she knows that I have a white plume in espom as well, she thinks it totally matches with my bag. She also told me that it was the only bearn in white she has ever seen.

It was very lovely.
I saw a white Bearn at the SF store today and I remember seeing one there a couple of months ago. Keep it if you love it, but don't keep just because it's hard to find. I think you can always find one somewhere in the future!